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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

(HUMANS) ∞ ** no terms and conditions applied

“I am participating in the  #TheWorldRemade activityat  BlogAdda  in association with India Today #Conclave15 “.
  I envision  a new world (dimension) inhabited by the HOMOSUPRASAPIENS - An entire race of technologically advanced, spiritually grounded, evolved exponentially and enlightened  beings inhabiting  the third planet.
      A cosmic change   will occur in the polarity of the earth as well as the beings of light that it will provide abode to.We can be rest assured, of a quantum change in the DNA of existing homo sapiens which will make them into sentient souls with altruistic, philanthropic intentions  and karma. All will be a part of the whole, there will be no duality of the mind and hence, of souls. 
As the new world order ushers, artificial intelligence will finally have an emotional quotient to it which will radically transform the world  we are so familiar with today.
The existing world order based on trivialities of religion will get demolished and in its place we will have one religion to live by – Empathy.
Biological substrate will not  be needed.Consciousness  will dwell on quantum waves which can be intercepted,modulated  and re-sent at will as the suprahuman will have totally synthetic, conceptual, probabilistic bodies that can transfer consciousness to any desired synthetic or semi synthetic body.Man’s physical body is exposed to countless dangers, and is easily hurt or maimed; the ethereal astral body may occasionally be cut or bruised but is healed at once by mere willing.
Suprahumans detect and heal their bodies by chakra purification. Any negativity or disturbance will be eradicated from its very start thereby leading to no illness at all.
Homosuprasapiens will have acute intuition, lucid dreaming at free will, souls attuned to nature,instantaneous communication with other beings, like two hemispheres of brain.They can create new worlds, enter and coordinate  them based on an individual’s fancy,have telepathic conversations and  are supremely  optimistic beings with no insecurities-conflicts of the self have been resolved  thereby,we behold( Humans) (no terms and conditions applied).
“SEAMLESS ONENESS” based on mutual respect, positive actions, complete acceptance and freedom without anarchy .Mutual co-existence with flaura and fauna.
The astral universe, made of various subtle vibrations of light and color. There are no dead planets or barren lands. The terrestrial blemishes—weeds, bacteria, insects, snakes—are absent. opal lakes,bright seas and rainbow rivers are aplenty.
SCITURE (science + nature) will be the basis of existence and mutual co-creation. Cars = WHIZZERS,(they move with a sound of Whizz)Ships = ZOOMERS ,cover thousands of kilometers in picoseconds.“BLISSPARKS”- : Huge parks with acres and acres of all kinds of topography- rocks and sea coasts for some,snow peaked mountains for others, a starry night unfolding its splendour on desert sand dunes, or tropical forests with fresh spings gurgling, safaris, cruises, meeting with Martians, Venutians, Jupiteranians..... the possibilities are immense.. the button for your  personalized getaways will be at your wrist escape into the experience your soul seeks whenever, wherever you want to...rejuvenate and celebrate the epic drama- LIFE.
Every being thrives on energy provided by food grown by their own self, completely biodegradable waste is generated. Mother earth is revered by one and all.
Cars fly, spaceships whiz past, ships zoom around in oceans, the mystery of Bermuda Triangle stands resolved, the Pyramids  have an annual carnival, the Taj Mahal is as pristine and pure radiating the light of love, all art, scriptures etc are available to be read by everyone. Everyone has the Philosopher’s stone, emerald tablet and everyone is a walking alchemist – capable of anything, afraid of nothing, omnipotent, omniscient and  forever reverent to that supreme spirit that creates, encompasses and is in us all.