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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

ROTE KAIKO HUM? Translated as: why do we cry?

You must be aware dude and dudettes, that there are those phases in one's life when we feel that nothing absolutely NOTHING can get us out of our cocoon of despair, hopelessness,helplessness,anxiety and misery, some of us feel so down and out that we even contemplate suicide if we are kind, and if we are the vengeful types, murder :)
What makes a nice,bubbly 23 year old  think about harming herself or anyone else?
What makes the talk of the town  rockstar Sid to suddenly take a drug overdose?
All these grey areas are very adeptly swept under the carpet by our society.But in my own little way, I want to tell everyone, that these people always start by crying, so if you find your friend getting very emotional (is wrecking havoc by breaking down and bawling every now and then)about her recent breakup, take some time out from your Obama type crazy work schedule to heal her heart and extend the olive branch of peace towards her, do not just with a random motion of your hand dismiss her pain as trivial and unwarranting of your attention.
This is a list of common  reasons why we cry, and it does not include outrageous reasons like your BMW has gone missing, then you don't cry you ask your friend to go to jail after killing you :P
1.Mera breakup ho gaya(includes doublecrossing,infidelity,discovering your crush is gay/lesbian)
2.I lost my wallet,phone etc etc(everything you have ever lost)
3.Parents do not understand you(neither does anyone in the entire khaandaan,Hindustan)
4.You are broke(massive cause for worry, and the only reason which I give thumbs up for crying)
5.Career woes( you are an engineer,doctor,simple graduate,IAS unable to cope with work pressures, face sexual harrassment at workplace etc.)
6.My pet has died(includes the goldfish,and the largest or tiniest thing you have "petted")
The list is never ending and so are your worries and hence, tears.We Indians are overtly emotional,c'mon how else can we explain the entire Indian household complete from the househelp to the driver crying miserably on the death of Mihir Virani (of the kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi fame) and then, becoming ecstatic and distributing laddoos even as Ekta Kapoor reaches a negotiation price and ressurects him.
Now, you know why we cry, check this blog for the next update dealing with how to stop crying i.e. if you want to stop crying and come out of the depths of your gloom and doom.) :)