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Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Ruby walked with quickening steps
her dupatta played with the air unaware,
that its wearer could smell doom
behind her erupted a cacophony of male laughter
elbowing among friends and cheeky comments,
she plugged the earphones harder so that every cell of her body 
seemed to resonate the beats of the song,
she clutched the cross in her hands 
her nails dug into her palm,
she mentally recited a biblical psalm.....

In another part of India's territory
a little girl, Ambi,was studying geography
her little finger rested on Vasco da Gama's discovery
she heard footsteps
her heart leapt
beads of perspiration started from her forehead
the learning stopped
the skirt was pulled over her knees
she sat subdued
listening to the tick tock of the wall clock......

Shift to another scenario,
where in a dimly lit room,
the tragedy of domestic violence unfolds
the clock strikes eight pm
and Ratna feels a pang of pain
her hand went to her left cheek,
which still throbbed with a not so distant memory,
her husband had hit her hard
she smote under the scar
she felt a tightening in her stomach
was this her destiny
why did she suffer,incessantly?

Sujata, sat in her gynaecologist's room,
waiting patiently, but inside she was filled with ecstacy,
 a new life was being born,
through her umbilical cord,
she felt a kick, her face lit up with a smile...
Outside,  the room a thick  envelope of cash changed hands
 to the doctor's hands it went from her mother in law's hands,
a syringe pricked and sucked a life,
just because it was a girl child,
Sujata and the unborn
only two people on earth mourned...

Rosemary was all alone in her cubicle,
suddenly the lights went out
the sweat stain under her armpit spread,
in keeping with the advancing tread,
the door clicked,what was the problem?
Before she could begin to fathom,
she smelt the cologne of her boss
she tried to shout,but her yell was not heard 
his hands groped frantically,she felt she would burst,
She had to pay the price for committing a heinous crime
She was working diligently in her overtime...

Kashish was in a party with her friends,
looking resplendent in her chic red dress,
she had just parted ways with her dominating boyfriend
but rejection, his male ego could not take,
he appeared wearing a mask at the party,
uncorked a bottle of acid,
ruining her face was his priority,
finding a chance he gave the bottle a swing,
the mascara burnt along with the skin,
her features till this day are unrecognizable,
while he has a wife and two kids,
Kashish suffers in silence...

if this is the sorry state of affairs,
with a heavy heart and eyes brimming with tears,
I plead to all citizens of India,
STOP being a sissy,
DO NOT accept prejudices that are wrong,
it doesn't matter if she is in a kurta pyjama or in a sarong,
whether it is Delhi,Mumbai or any other city,
women are raped,molested,exploited,abused physically and mentally,
when will all this change?When  in god's name,
will men stop being men and 
instead become HUMANE.