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Sunday, 8 June 2014


White tone deta hai mujhe even toned skin,gora nikhaar aur.. aur.... pyaara pyaara chehra
shaadi season.. gora nikhaar bas 5 rs mein fair n lovely ab sirf 5 rs mein
sone sa nikhaar apnayein gold bleach
pearl bleach gulabon sa nikhaar
fairness meter
main 2 min mein ho jaungi photoready
hell man!! become photoready,become so fair that the photo shows a white background, paint yourself white,because that's what this hypocritical society wants, snow white's reincarnation...
what is this obsession of Indians with fair skin that these advertising companies are unabashedly cashing on?
and before you label me as a vengeful dark skinned victim of fair skinned beauties or give me an "awwww" sort of reaction labelling me mercifully as one of the wheatish kinds, a caveat for you"I am dusky and proud of being dusky, wheatish anad all shades under the rank 1 of ujala supreme"
I have never been tempted to use "fair and louuuuly" despite Yami Gautam screaming her lungs out in between everything aired on t.v.,despite her handing a tube of  that obnoxious cream to a girl whose father has found a match for her but after using this omniscient cream the girl thinks its better to get self dependent before getting married, excuse me??
did anyone mix two capsules of brain cells in her "pump"of that cream.

 twitter line When yami gautam is passed through a prism ; we obtain 7 different  colours :D :D
And why just fairness, they encash our obsession with long lustrous hair, have you seen the same model doing a cornflakes advertisement why don't the hair look as glossy and lustrous as in the shampoo ad?
Simple ... because this is a diet cornflakes ad, so the stress is on the figure :)
these people would have us believe that a dark sultry girl with a short crop of hair and a voluptuous body is not beautiful? that all Indians care about females is their looks?
that an average looking girl can't be loved? You have to be miniature replicas of manicured,pedicured, facialized bimbos to get love,respect, admiration and attention?
Get two pence of sense  or rest in peace Indian society, make women of substance not mascara and eyeliner lined females who have no sense therefore, are a nuisance.

P.S. Males,beware, you are the new market for the new gambit to sell "Fair and Handsome"
my  sincere advice is to Keep calm and japo hari naam :)
#stay yourself stay beautiful and handsome