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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

DISPARITY- You Are A Cruel Mistress

Disparity- you are a cruel mistress
Life is but a game of dice,
Everyone has his or her fair share of happiness and plight,
Sometimes, I think the pleasures of life
Are only for those who have power and might.
The illiterate, innocent ,poor, outcaste, downtrodden
Perish dozen a dime
But the riche, so called elite,deceptive and treacherous –
For them everything works out just right
Think of that scrawny beggar,
Who has a child at her breast:
How will she feed, care and educate  him?
Who is to suggest?
All those lesser mortals whom you and I detest
What is their infallible sin?
What is their unpardonable crime?
When, when will they rise and shine?
Spare a thought and a penny
For, my dear they are very many
Give a ray of hope to them
Give them a piece of your humanity
Return to them their lost sanity
Show them all is not lost
For every fellow human who dies of hunger
Raise a furore, raise an uproar
Now come together
It should be true humans galore.
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