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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


 One of the most vital emotions that truly make the world go round is love... I have always wondered what exactly is it about love that makes everyone(without exception) undergo a transformation. The answer was not simple.. but had to be found. There are a few things however that need to be clarified a) only sensitive but brave souls can venture in the domain of love b) they will get hurt,depressed,obsessed,freaked out but eventually it will all make sense c) is it worth it?
Goddamn YES.
Now, the reason we go crazy loving and being loved is that for the first time in our lives we experience selflessness.... which in itself is a wonderful emotion. When a person is in love he or she unknowingly gives himself or herself completely to his or her lover.Whether it is about starting to change your looks,giving up a few commitments for a loved one, adjusting to that new person,knowing that she is the one worth giving it all up for- this feeling of ego-lessness that you share with your girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse is essentially what brings you happiness and misery yes, initially we are fine with our unselfish selves but then our conditioning takes over, even in relationships, it is at this time that love silently exits from our life and what enters is misery,possessiveness,betrayal and depression. The beauty of the jewel called love is in giving it away freely, without our customary miserliness, you can't love in percentages or wait for a return of the favour. Our egos are so inflated that we cannot even love our loved one wholeheartedly.. after a few months into a relationship we selfish people start questioning ourselves- Why am I being so devoted?  I CHANGED MY LIFE PLAN FOR HIM/HER TO FIT IN, WHAT IS HE/SHE DOING IN RETURN?That my friend is a stupid question, the moment you place yourself in a superior position that your lover you are in for trouble..the demon has returned and now try how much you may the mirage of a beautiful love lies shattered and yes, you may keep changing your lovers like clothes but you will still be left pining for that magic that is present in a relationship's first few months. The situation becomes even more difficult when you have to HAPPILY sacrifice your interests in order that your relationship work and that is a tough call, this is the reason why husbands and wives quarrel. Each one has sacrificed his or her interests for the betterment of their marriage but the sacrifice needs to be complete you can not save yourself in love, no you can't,your ego will be tossed and turned like a rag doll in a hurricane but you have to not give up on love. Wives are famous for taunting,nagging etc - that is so because in India a woman sacrifices,adjusts and her ego takes a toss lot more often than her husband's but her love is not yet complete, her little self tries to preserve itself when she thinks how much she has sacrificed for their marriage to work.. the demon fights back and who is to bear it?The henpecked husband and vice versa so, we have a quintessential  couple, always fighting always longing but not ready to take the complete plunge.So, if you are in love dissolve yourself completely don't try and save yourself,love like you have never loved anyone,don't expect anything..the reward is the happiness you get in giving,  each time your ego is dealt a blow accept it and love.Easier said than done, but the bitter medicine once gulped will do the trick.You will experience the love that you have longed for till then keep practicing giving love soon you shall receive it in unmeasurable hugs and kisses.
                                   "You never lose by loving, you always lose by holding back"

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hi there!
Hope everything's going good at your end.:)
This blog post stems out of the unconditional bliss that I am currently feeling ...
guess its the b'day hangover, but nevertheless my present state of mind makes me think that what is it that truly makes you and me HAPPY?
Where is our happiness?
Is it in getting an admission into a reputed college and thereby earning the grudging respect of society and becoming the "aankhon ka taara" of mummy papa??
Or is it in feeding the poor and the not so fortunate?
Is it in roaming around in an Audi or lying in  a loved one's lap?
is it in getting a salary of lakhs per month or is it in planting a sapling and seeing it grow?
the answer to all these questions lies in the fact that there are different strokes for different folks and the truth hidden in the garb of lies is that Happiness is a state of mind, you may be the richest person and yet be unhappy and yet, it is true I have seen saints who are Kings in their own respect, people who have nothing not even a morsel to eat and they are imbibing eternal bliss....
How you ask?
Well, you can partake that happiness too, live the moment, don't dwell in the past or future, live till the last drop of the present, if the going is tough it will not last, if you are feeling  ecstatic even that is not going to last. Happiness lies in as the vedas say in" neti neti" that is neither in this nor in that, this is the process of elimination. Keep living keep experiencing, experience the heights of spiritual bliss by meditating and also, if you want reach ecstacy by drinking alcohol,(chaar botal vodka) , but remember it is the being of yours that is experiencing this stuff, so whether it is yoga or mocha,fun is where your state of mind is...
Stay consciously happy and stay blessed.


Monday, 9 June 2014


As I peered from a distance,
my memories conjured a vague recollection,
the same gait,
that pitter patter of raindrops-
my steps quickened,my heartbeat leapt
in my mind a siren was blaring...
Soon,I neared the woman in green;
my soul was filled with a distant dream
I don't know whether the earth really 
had stopped for a second or
I missed the moment due to emotion
Our eyes met for a split second
and then instant negation-
the heels clicked 
my tears dripped
the lady in green sped past
was it day,twilight or noon
how could I have known?
I was in reverie
I had once again met my selfsame
She was my ex-flame.


Sunday, 8 June 2014


White tone deta hai mujhe even toned skin,gora nikhaar aur.. aur.... pyaara pyaara chehra
shaadi season.. gora nikhaar bas 5 rs mein fair n lovely ab sirf 5 rs mein
sone sa nikhaar apnayein gold bleach
pearl bleach gulabon sa nikhaar
fairness meter
main 2 min mein ho jaungi photoready
hell man!! become photoready,become so fair that the photo shows a white background, paint yourself white,because that's what this hypocritical society wants, snow white's reincarnation...
what is this obsession of Indians with fair skin that these advertising companies are unabashedly cashing on?
and before you label me as a vengeful dark skinned victim of fair skinned beauties or give me an "awwww" sort of reaction labelling me mercifully as one of the wheatish kinds, a caveat for you"I am dusky and proud of being dusky, wheatish anad all shades under the rank 1 of ujala supreme"
I have never been tempted to use "fair and louuuuly" despite Yami Gautam screaming her lungs out in between everything aired on t.v.,despite her handing a tube of  that obnoxious cream to a girl whose father has found a match for her but after using this omniscient cream the girl thinks its better to get self dependent before getting married, excuse me??
did anyone mix two capsules of brain cells in her "pump"of that cream.

 twitter line When yami gautam is passed through a prism ; we obtain 7 different  colours :D :D
And why just fairness, they encash our obsession with long lustrous hair, have you seen the same model doing a cornflakes advertisement why don't the hair look as glossy and lustrous as in the shampoo ad?
Simple ... because this is a diet cornflakes ad, so the stress is on the figure :)
these people would have us believe that a dark sultry girl with a short crop of hair and a voluptuous body is not beautiful? that all Indians care about females is their looks?
that an average looking girl can't be loved? You have to be miniature replicas of manicured,pedicured, facialized bimbos to get love,respect, admiration and attention?
Get two pence of sense  or rest in peace Indian society, make women of substance not mascara and eyeliner lined females who have no sense therefore, are a nuisance.

P.S. Males,beware, you are the new market for the new gambit to sell "Fair and Handsome"
my  sincere advice is to Keep calm and japo hari naam :)
#stay yourself stay beautiful and handsome

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Ruby walked with quickening steps
her dupatta played with the air unaware,
that its wearer could smell doom
behind her erupted a cacophony of male laughter
elbowing among friends and cheeky comments,
she plugged the earphones harder so that every cell of her body 
seemed to resonate the beats of the song,
she clutched the cross in her hands 
her nails dug into her palm,
she mentally recited a biblical psalm.....

In another part of India's territory
a little girl, Ambi,was studying geography
her little finger rested on Vasco da Gama's discovery
she heard footsteps
her heart leapt
beads of perspiration started from her forehead
the learning stopped
the skirt was pulled over her knees
she sat subdued
listening to the tick tock of the wall clock......

Shift to another scenario,
where in a dimly lit room,
the tragedy of domestic violence unfolds
the clock strikes eight pm
and Ratna feels a pang of pain
her hand went to her left cheek,
which still throbbed with a not so distant memory,
her husband had hit her hard
she smote under the scar
she felt a tightening in her stomach
was this her destiny
why did she suffer,incessantly?

Sujata, sat in her gynaecologist's room,
waiting patiently, but inside she was filled with ecstacy,
 a new life was being born,
through her umbilical cord,
she felt a kick, her face lit up with a smile...
Outside,  the room a thick  envelope of cash changed hands
 to the doctor's hands it went from her mother in law's hands,
a syringe pricked and sucked a life,
just because it was a girl child,
Sujata and the unborn
only two people on earth mourned...

Rosemary was all alone in her cubicle,
suddenly the lights went out
the sweat stain under her armpit spread,
in keeping with the advancing tread,
the door clicked,what was the problem?
Before she could begin to fathom,
she smelt the cologne of her boss
she tried to shout,but her yell was not heard 
his hands groped frantically,she felt she would burst,
She had to pay the price for committing a heinous crime
She was working diligently in her overtime...

Kashish was in a party with her friends,
looking resplendent in her chic red dress,
she had just parted ways with her dominating boyfriend
but rejection, his male ego could not take,
he appeared wearing a mask at the party,
uncorked a bottle of acid,
ruining her face was his priority,
finding a chance he gave the bottle a swing,
the mascara burnt along with the skin,
her features till this day are unrecognizable,
while he has a wife and two kids,
Kashish suffers in silence...

if this is the sorry state of affairs,
with a heavy heart and eyes brimming with tears,
I plead to all citizens of India,
STOP being a sissy,
DO NOT accept prejudices that are wrong,
it doesn't matter if she is in a kurta pyjama or in a sarong,
whether it is Delhi,Mumbai or any other city,
women are raped,molested,exploited,abused physically and mentally,
when will all this change?When  in god's name,
will men stop being men and 
instead become HUMANE.


ROTE KAIKO HUM? Translated as: why do we cry?

You must be aware dude and dudettes, that there are those phases in one's life when we feel that nothing absolutely NOTHING can get us out of our cocoon of despair, hopelessness,helplessness,anxiety and misery, some of us feel so down and out that we even contemplate suicide if we are kind, and if we are the vengeful types, murder :)
What makes a nice,bubbly 23 year old  think about harming herself or anyone else?
What makes the talk of the town  rockstar Sid to suddenly take a drug overdose?
All these grey areas are very adeptly swept under the carpet by our society.But in my own little way, I want to tell everyone, that these people always start by crying, so if you find your friend getting very emotional (is wrecking havoc by breaking down and bawling every now and then)about her recent breakup, take some time out from your Obama type crazy work schedule to heal her heart and extend the olive branch of peace towards her, do not just with a random motion of your hand dismiss her pain as trivial and unwarranting of your attention.
This is a list of common  reasons why we cry, and it does not include outrageous reasons like your BMW has gone missing, then you don't cry you ask your friend to go to jail after killing you :P
1.Mera breakup ho gaya(includes doublecrossing,infidelity,discovering your crush is gay/lesbian)
2.I lost my wallet,phone etc etc(everything you have ever lost)
3.Parents do not understand you(neither does anyone in the entire khaandaan,Hindustan)
4.You are broke(massive cause for worry, and the only reason which I give thumbs up for crying)
5.Career woes( you are an engineer,doctor,simple graduate,IAS unable to cope with work pressures, face sexual harrassment at workplace etc.)
6.My pet has died(includes the goldfish,and the largest or tiniest thing you have "petted")
The list is never ending and so are your worries and hence, tears.We Indians are overtly emotional,c'mon how else can we explain the entire Indian household complete from the househelp to the driver crying miserably on the death of Mihir Virani (of the kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi fame) and then, becoming ecstatic and distributing laddoos even as Ekta Kapoor reaches a negotiation price and ressurects him.
Now, you know why we cry, check this blog for the next update dealing with how to stop crying i.e. if you want to stop crying and come out of the depths of your gloom and doom.) :)

Thursday, 29 May 2014


I have always wondered at the futility
of these little nothings;
A peck on the cheek and tears in eyes,
the lover of a lover bids her lover adieu.
Starting at the place from where both planes and dreams fly
May her lover find his place,his soul's cry.

She looks into the ocean of ambitions in his eyes,
his desires assuage her cries,
in no time the airplane will fly :
Over continents unknown
her love will rise,to reach its destination,
to the man she loves with all her might.

I wish for that innocent little heart that thumps in her chest:
May her beloved love her
till eternities together.
For travel you might to places far
compared to a heart filled with unconditional love,
nothing in this world comes at par.